Sunday, November 21, 2010

No Cash On The Barrel Head

Some people aware of this case are under the impression that a monetary settlement is at stake, and that the owner of Americas News Intel Publishing LLC stands to gain a considerable sum of money in the near future.

To set the record straight: The defendant is not seeking, nor is plaintiff Intel Corporation offering, a considerable sum of money. Financial settlement is not even being discussed.

Ever since we received the first Cease & Desist notice from Intel Corporation back in 2007, we have been urged by people around us to (a) wrench a juicy settlement in exchange for compliance, or (b) demand a staggering price to transfer the domain to their company.

In fact, though we had no concept that our name or domain would be coveted by Intel Corporation until the day that we read the C&D, once we appreciated the value this business asset might have to them we offered to sell it to them at a fair market value. Not for millions of dollars, as acquaintances urged, but for a reasonable and fair sum. This is no secret, we have disclosed this offer earlier in this blog, and the letter containing that offer is available for viewing at that post.

As time went on we became more informed about the problem of trademark bullies in general, and Intel Corporation's nefarious history of abusing its size and position in particular. A financial solution no longer seemed appropriate or desirable. Eventually we instructed Intel Corporation to cease and desist making settlement offers, which we advised their lawyers we would not even entertain, and this, too, has been documented and publicized in earlier posts in this blog.

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