Thursday, November 25, 2010

Intel Corporation SURRENDERS!!!!!

Just before the Thanksgiving holiday, we received notice that Intel Corporation was dropping its case against us.

The reason, they said, it because we are making, "no current use [of the intel string] in commerce." They mean that Americas News Intel Publishing LLC is not currently producing the Mexico Watch Intelligence Service newsletters.

But this, like so much of the disingenuous campaign they have waged against us, is patently bogus.

From the beginning, and throughout our settlement talks, our written discovery, and our deposition testimony, we asserted our right to use "intel" in our name and in our domain, for commercial uses or otherwise.

We reserved the right to resume its use at any point in the future for business purposes or otherwise.

We specified very carefully (and the deposition record will confirm this when it is published) that we only stopped publishing our Mexico Watch Intelligence Service at our site because negative prevailing economic conditions dovetailed with their lawsuit, forcing us to discontinue operations. We also specified very carefully that we may elect to revive or reorganize our service in the future.

This was not an operational issue. This was a LEGAL ISSUE through and through. And that was made explicit and abundantly clear throughout this entire case.

Intel Corporation dismissed this case not because we had suspended publishing. They dismissed it because they knew they would lose.

In coming days we will post more details, including information on refunds of the excess donations to the donors. We also will share some of the finer points of the legal process, in particular shedding some light on the brilliant roles played by our pro bono counsel.

So stay tuned.

In the meantime... for any other victims of trademark bullying, whether it be at the hands of Intel Corporation or another large company leveraging the federal court system to its advantage, please feel free to draw inspiration from this:


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