Thursday, July 15, 2010

Overdue Update

We have been silent here for a while, and it is now time for an overdue update.

The reason we stopped publishing the blow-by-blow is because on July 13, we had a court-ordered mediation with Intel Corporation. It is always best to approach these matters with clear eyes in good faith, and so we wanted to static as low as possible.

Time to turn the volume back up. Mediation failed. We did not accept any settlement.

The case will move forward now, as Judge Charles Breyer has elected to give Intel Corporation its day in court, and so many months still lie ahead.

Intel Corporation has made it clear that they despise this blog. They think it improper, indecorous, outside the bounds of civilized courtroom battles.

But the fact is that Intel Corporation wields disproportionate advantage on the legal terrain. Its pockets are bottomless. Its legal army is the largest and most battle-hardened on the planet, at least in the private sector. It "polices its brand" like the Gestapo policed Germany.

So this blog is a vital tool in our effort to win justice for our cause and also to prevent Intel Corporation from obliterating small private individuals in its zeal to enhance its balance sheet. Sure, intellectual property protection, but the 'shoot-first-ask-questions-later' doctrine is vile and impermissible in a free and fair society.

This blog not only has the mission of shedding light on the process and providing guidance for others that may be facing a legal harassment campaign by Intel Corporation or any other large entity. It also has the mission of raising money to finance the campaign.

Our lawyers are representing us pro bono and it is because they believe in our cause, in our eventual triumph, and in the basic tenets of justice. Intel Corporation has told ANIP that it is "lucky" to have pro bono representation.

We are lucky to have Ron Coleman and Colby Spring on our side, of that there be no doubt. They are among the top lawyers in their field in the United States.

But it is not a matter of luck. It is our hard, tireless work to secure pro bono representation, to raise money to fund out-of-pocket legal expenses, and to publicize the affair via this blog that has enabled us to struggle against Goliath.

If you have read this far, please consider donating to this cause. You may donate via PayPal at or through the link at the right.

We are only using the money for necessary expenses, and much of the battle continues to be funded as much as possible by ANIP owner Jeffrey Wright, whose company was dragged under in part by Intel Corporation's legal abuses.

We pledge that we will use the money fairly and prudently, and that we will return any unused funds to donors when this case concludes.

So please, donate now; even an amount as small as $1 will be appreciated and wisely employed.

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