Thursday, July 15, 2010

No Deal

On July 13, 2010, Jeffrey Wright, the owner of Americas News Intel Publishing LLC, traveled to San Francisco at his own expense to attend a court-ordered mediation with Intel Corporation and their lawyers.

The fact of this mediation is public record, but everything about it is confidential, according to the law.

Mr. Wright cannot, therefore, discuss whether or not Intel Corporation offered him a settlement payment. And if they were to have done so, he could not reveal just how large it was.

But there was no settlement agreement reached, no deal, no backing down. The matter will be decided in the courts.

Intel Corporation has vowed that "there will be no shelter" for Americas News Intel Publishing LLC. It has threatened to sue not only the company, but Mr. Wright personally, for damages, legal fees, and all the other avaricious relief it can obtain.

This a risk that Mr. Wright is clearly ready to assume. We invite you to stand with us!

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