Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Time To Cap The Well

We've endured the Intel Corporation's ruthless, disingenuous, and irresponsible attacks since July 2007, so their defeat will bring us some personal, emotional satisfaction. BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT.

Because at the end of the day, this is a battle in the interest of reason and public good, not a quixotic matter for individual celebration. Quite the opposite.

The overriding goal here is (1) to establish some limits on the ability of private companies to hijack federal trademark law as they maneuver to strip the public domain of our words, symbols, images, and otherwise unravel the threads of our common fabric; and (2) to serve notice on corporate abusers that they may not usurp the legal system at will in order to undermine the spirit of the law and further narrow private agendas, especially at the expense of other people's livelihoods.

Both of these issues represent very real risks, and must be taken seriously, confronted with eternal, patient vigilance. At their dark heart, these issues are literally evil.

It's hard as hell to stand up to these egregious abuses. It is, in fact, terribly difficult to fathom the sacrifices one must endure until one has lived it. What a sickening, crushing injustice it would be if Intel Corporation were allowed to continue soiling our waters with their filth and for their profit.

So on July 2, everyone please give a little silent cheer at the sidelines for Ron Coleman and Colby Springer, the lawyers that have selflessly taken on one of the world's largest private legal forces history has ever known. That day, they will be arguing our case that Intel Corporation's legal complaint should be dismissed once and for all. Ron and Colby are doing this pro bono, and at the end of the day, and hopefully at the end of that day, when victory is ultimately achieved, they will remain the real heroes of this story. Let our thoughts give them wings.

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