Sunday, June 13, 2010

Intel Corporation Condemns Your Grassroots Donations

To be honest, we did not see this one coming. This is low even by Intel Corporation's mediocre standards.

In its June 11, 2010 filing, Intel Corporation informs the UNITED STATES FEDERAL COURT that:

"Defendant’s website also trumpets the fact that its counsel is representing it pro bono (while it curiously solicits donations for its lawsuit with Intel). A sensational claim by Defendant, yet one that is not only irrelevant but untrue."

This is not a sensational claim. This is not an untrue claim. And there is nothing curious about raising donations for a lawsuit that has pro bono representation. Intel Corporation and its counsel knows full well that pro bono representation does not typically cover out-of-pocket expenses.

For the record, and as we have previously stated here and elsewhere:

1) Our legal team is representing us 100% pro bono.

2) All monies that we raise by donations have been and will be used EXCLUSIVELY for incidental expenses incurred in the defense against the lawsuit by Intel Corporation.

3) Once we triumph, any surplus cash from donations will be returned to donors in a proportional amount. We are still running a surplus, and careful records are being kept to ensure just reimbursements.

4) Nobody in this defense is drawing upon donations for salary. Filing fees, courier services, and the like are examples of out-of-pocket incidentals being consumed. Hard costs deemed essential. Not so much as a cup of coffee has been purchased with the donation funds.

5) We have used all donations received to date with the utmost frugality.

The longer this trial lasts, the more it will cost us. Intel Corporation knows this. In fact, a reasonable person could easily conclude that Intel Corporation, with its immeasurably deep pockets, is counting on our limited resources eventually accruing in its favor. What should your response to this petty, bogus, and haughty charge be?

Look to your right and donate to our cause now!

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