Monday, February 22, 2010

Damning Screen Shots (Part III)

We only heard one comment on the screen shots posted last week. A supporter (and donor) asked: "I'm confused about the screenshot of the blonde girl ... isn't that just a page that shows the domain is no longer owned by you?"

Well, yes and no. The domain in question,, was and is registered to Americas News Intel Publishing LLC. However, having fallen out of usage it had been abandoned and left unassigned at the Web hosting company Bluehost after that company canceled our hosting account.

Why would that happen? became a major target for hacker attacks. Like most hosting companies, Bluehost has a policy of canceling accounts that suffer repeated security breaches in order to protect their IP range.

So while we controlled the domain, we did not control the content -- until Intel Corporation's filing drew our attention to the matter and we changed the name servers to regain it. Take a look at now.

And, better yet, take a look at the excellent research by attorney Ronald Coleman on the Bluehost Blond:

Exhibit A
Exhibit B

Intel Corporation's legal representation just shot the company in the foot. They introduced into evidence "proof" that Americas News Intel Publishing LLC was using its domain names to profit off of Intel's good name. But they built the argument on a house of cards and in court their entire evidentiary case will have the carpet pulled out from under, as tomorrow's postings will point up.

So the screen shots were damning, after all.

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