Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Damning Screen Shots? (Part II)

Yesterday, we wrote:

"Intel Corporation has submitted to the courts three screen shots that intend to demonstrate their allegations that we have abused their trademark for personal and private gain....[W]e will post these screen shots and let readers muse over them."

***You can view the screen shots by clicking on this sentence.***
(The screen shots are at the end of the PDF document.)

They are from our domain and they are:

1. A picture of a blond girl and a number of "related searches" links, mostly with the word "Intel" in them.

2. The results of clicking on the "Intel Drivers" link.

3. A WhoIs service identifying Americas News Intel Publishing LLC as the owner of the site.

This would appear to demonstrate that the defendant, our company, has indeed utilized at least one of the domain names in Intel Corporation's lawsuit in an abusive and illegal manner.

We invite you to view it for yourself. We'll have more on this topic next week.


superl said...

are these attorneys "STUPID" or something else?
everyone knows whats a parked page, or parked domain..
I cant believe they are showing that into a that a joke?

superl said...

just to have an idea, check some of what I have found: (This is the most important..print this page, show it to them)

what happen is this:
on a parked domain, you will always find related themes and keywords related to the domain, 99% of the times, they dont sale, advertise or offer any product related to this name.

like I said, its just a parked domain, it doesnt point to any server, is not hosted and the most important IS NOT IN USE.

superl said...

here is the rsuil of the girl on the picture