Monday, August 9, 2010

The War Of Attrition Grinds On

Here comes the expensive part, and we need your donations more than ever. Intel Corporation has stated that they will try and force us to surrender by making this case as long and as expensive as possible, and they have already stated an intention to appeal, even though they have not yet lost at the federal district level. (They will, and they will lose the appeal, too.)

Any amount will help. We encourage people to donate $5. We'll make you a cappuccino next time we see you. Use the link on the right-hand side of the page.

A very pithy and unbiased summary of the dispute to date may be found here.

The Court Management Conference yielded the following schedule for the trial proceedings:

• Lay Discovery Cut-off: December 1, 2010

• Designation of Experts Deadline: December 20, 2010
• Designation of Rebuttal Experts Deadline: January 5, 2011
• Expert Discovery Cut-off: February 1, 2011
• Last Day to File Dispositive Motions: February 16, 2011
• Pretrial Disclosures: March 25, 2011
• Pretrial Conference: April 8, 2011
• Trial: May 9, 2011

HOWEVER, it is important to note that we will be moving for a summary judgment, and this is a very likely scenario. The hearing for the motion for summary judgment is not until Mar. 4. Until that time, the rest of these dates apply. 

This is where Intel Corporation will insist on a burdensome level of discovery and depositions, just to create a strain on our finances. But we've got enough canned food and bottled water for years, so bring it on!

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ron mader said...

Sorry to hear about this news. MexicoWatch was one of my favorite sources. I'm sending my donation right now.