Friday, April 2, 2010

Judge Tosses Out Frivolous Intel Corp. Suit!!!

On April 2, our counsel argued our Motion To Dismiss Against Intel Corporation's now infamous frivolous lawsuit against Americas News Intel Publishing Corp.

This from our attorney's mobile device as he left the courthouse:

"Causes of action 1-7 dismissed with leave to amend. Claim 8 was denied but only because we didn't address it. 30 days to file an amended pleading. They also are going to request a different mediator because the current one has no real trademark law experience. I told them that was fine. Boom goes the dynamite."

In short, WE WIN!

At least this round. Intel Corporation's attorneys at Harvey Siskind had asked the Honorable Judge Charles Breyer to grant a leave to amend if our motion to dismiss was successful. Since Breyer did toss out essentially the entire case (Action 8 is an almost laughable complaint that we were "cybersquatting" an Intel domain property), plaintiff will have the option of amending and refiling.

Intel Corp. and its lawyers probably will. It's Intel Corp. They've got the deepest pockets imaginable for frivolous litigation. They can drag this out, so they probably will.


It essentially nullifies the entire grounds for Intel Corp.'s whining legal complaints. We told Intel Corp. they were baseless. Now a federal district judge has, too.

So stay tuned. One way or the other, we'll know what happens next within 30 days.


superl said...


I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Who the heck are you idiots. Who would even care about your stupid news letter. What a wasted read on the Google website. Hope you face bankruptcy straight in the eye, idiots!!!