Monday, November 16, 2009

Intel For Intelligence

Ten examples of the use of 'intel' in common English-language speech in the sense of "information gathering and analysis" -- as a short term for intelligence. Can you find more? Post your examples below!

1) From the White House official documentation of the Protection of Foreign Missions and Officials Assessment:

Section 3 - Program Management

Question: Does the agency regularly collect timely and credible performance information, including information from key program partners, and use it to manage the program and improve performance?

Explanation: PFMO regularly collects timely and credible performance information from the intel support and the field.

2) From the White House description of the Transport Security Administration:

Measure: Increase in percentage of reporting in the Daily Intelligence Summary directed at Terrorists groups and or activities that reflect a direct threat to the U.S. transportation system.

Explanation:Savings in people-hours and effort expended on reporting intelligence information not required (non-transportation system) for TSA decision making. Expending FTE hours on non-relevant issues, will produce more effective intel information for users (reports of relevant information/time), thus why it is an efficiency measure.

3) From a headline from national organization ABC News:

"Obama Strengthens Independence & Power of Intel Advisory Groups, White House Says"

4) From a headline from national organization CBS News:

"'05 Bin Laden Intel Desclassified"

5) From a headline from national news organization MSNBC News:

"Guiliani Pushes Military, Intel Tech"

6) From a headline from international news magazine Newsweek:

"Bothersome Intel On Iran"

7) The New York Magazine, with 1.8 million readers, publishes an online version entitled with a total unique audience of 5.8 million. The print magazine features the "intelligencer" section: "Since 1973, the 'Intelligencer' section has been New York’s weekly home for the week’s news, gossip, short takes and sharp commentary," the magazine's media kit states. This column is abbreviated as the "Daily Intel" column in

8) is an online email newsletter engaged in the same productive and business activity of gathering and analyzing news intelligence as does

9) The White House Intel Report is a syndicated news feed published by Google Other examples of news feeds on employing the term intel in the generic sense of the word include Intel Dump (Washington Post blog), 1913 Intel, a military intelligence blog, and Arkitip Intel, "Daily Intelligence from a Worldwide Network of Reporters"

10) At his final press conference, former President George W. Bush employs the term 'intel' in its generic, descriptive sense of information gathering and analysis to generate actionable intelligence at minute 9:08. "North Korea is still a problem. There is a debate in the intel community..." Source: CSPAN

Can YOU find MORE examples?? Here's a hint. Post a comment below!


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